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Re: C & KU Band Satellite Dish

Tom Elmore wrote:
>            I am in a position to pick up a 25 foot diameter Satellite dish
> used formerly for TV
> C & KU band reception. The dish has full rotation for Azimuth and Elevation
> from 0 to about 90 degrees. I am wondering what possibilities for microwave
> reception of AO-40 and other satellites
> could be obtained using a dish this size.  Would there be a significant
> signal gain at the Amateur microwave frequencies.
> Thank You
> Thomas Elmore KA1NVZ
> Barrow,Alaska

Holy smoke, Thomas, grab it!  It would be suitable for any band from
70cm to at least 10 gHz,  with more than enough gain for moonbounce
work, given suitable dish feeds.  I hope it has motorized az/el
positioning! Turning a crank to track a satellite or even the Moon
would get real old, real quick.  It might have too MUCH gain on
10 gHz, making pointing it accurately tough.  I'd sure like to try,

Good luck, you lucky dog.   John  W5EME
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