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Re: AO40: Update 2000-01-14


Thank you for your continuing effort to keep us informed on the status of

In an email earlier today I was quoted as having "called for a statement".
This is not true.  I have been waiting patiently for the command team to do
its work.  I did put some my telemetry and signal analysis results on the
amsat-bb list and ask "Does anyone else have spin rate measurements?"

My thanks go to you and the rest of the command team for your great efforts!

73's de Rich Burgan @ WC8J


Peter Guelzow wrote:

> Dear All,
> here some updates to Karl's report from January 07.
> * V/U/L1 Receiver *
> The V-band, U-band and L1 receivers are working OK on the HiGAIN
> antennas, but none of them is receiving signals with the OMNI antennas.
> Either the OMNI antennas are damaged or the cabling or the antenna
> relays.
> * V-TX *
> The V band transmitter was tried several times on HiGain antennas,
> because we know they are working OK with the receivers. No beacon signals
> were heard, but telemetry might indicate that the TX is working. Further
> tests will be conducted, including trying the V-TX again with the OMNI
> antennas.
> * U-TX *
> No tests have been yet conducted on the U-band TX, but it is planned to
> also test the U-TX again on HiGain and Omni antennas once the spin is
> reduced and the heat pipes start working again.
> * Attitude Control System *
> The attitude control system is fully functional. Unfortunatly due to the
> high spin of about 17 RPM the sun changed faster than we could change
> the attitude. Because the sunangle is now about 60 degrees, the sun
> sensor electronic stopped working, that's why the indicated Spin in the
> telemetry is now almost 0 RPM. Without sun and attitude information no
> magnetorquing can be performed, thus no further attitude or spin change
> was done. However, Karl Meinzer DJ4ZC is developing a new de-spinner
> software algorithm, which does not use the Sun sensor information. It
> will be tested in the next week and will than be used to reduce the spin
> and move to better spacecraft attitude.
> Once sun angle and antenna pointing is improving. the V-TX and U-TX
> status will be determined by better controlled and suitable experiments.
> ATOS and the wheels will also be tested as soon as possible..
> 73s Peter
> --
> Peter Gülzow, DB2OS
> Vice-President AMSAT-DL
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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