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RE: New S Band Converter

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From: Margaret Leber (K3XS) [mailto:maggie@voicenet.com]
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2001 11:34 AM
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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] New S Band Converter

paul.willmott@omsl.bm wrote:
See body:

> I think the combination of the G3RUH design 60cm dish + Down East premap
> feed + UEK3000SAT is excellent, ....

Nice to have some user reports on downconverters...I suspect I'll be in the
market for one soon. Is the 70cm IF really superior to 2m IF? 

<--- the 70cm IF is a lot nicer to listen to, .... I have both 2m and 70cm
units, ... 1 days test is not conclusive, but today's pass was very similar
to a lot of other recent ones, I've never got above 50 CRCC A Blocks on an S
band pass before, ... a few more passes will get a better picture.

I'd like to think I could operate through AO-40 in mode U/S someday, once
in 3-axis mode, and it'd be nice to do that with my existing radio. I was
thinking in terms of an S-band helix with downconverter (and maybe preamp)
the mast, with a co-ax relay out there to switch between that and my
existing 2m
CP yagi. 

<--- My main reason for the 70cm IF, is that most TX converters are 2m IF,
and I want to add them, e.g. L up. I don't want to have to put up my 70cm
KLM22C again, ... it needs to much garden space, and is a pain in hurricane
season. So L up will be my lowest band.

> ... almost had a disaster though, just as I was about to save the data, my
> machine locked up, ... wouldn't read the mouse or keyboard, P3T still ran,
> but nothing would make Windows respond, .... hell, ... all that good data
> down the drain, ... well I did find a way to save it, ... I unplugged my
> from the wall socket, ... and after 20 minutes the UPS commanded my PC to
> close files and shutdown, ... lucky break, ... so all data now safely in
> archive.

+Ahem+...I can't resist it. Windows strikes again. <grin>

<---- so! You can't get Visual Studio.Net, you can't get Cakewalk Pro Audio
9, .. for Linux

 73 ds Maggie K3XS

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