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Re: New S Band Converter

paul.willmott@omsl.bm wrote:

> I think the combination of the G3RUH design 60cm dish + Down East premap at
> feed + UEK3000SAT is excellent, ....

Nice to have some user reports on downconverters...I suspect I'll be in the
market for one soon. Is the 70cm IF really superior to 2m IF? 

I'd like to think I could operate through AO-40 in mode U/S someday, once it's
in 3-axis mode, and it'd be nice to do that with my existing radio. I was
thinking in terms of an S-band helix with downconverter (and maybe preamp) on
the mast, with a co-ax relay out there to switch between that and my existing 2m
CP yagi. 

> ... almost had a disaster though, just as I was about to save the data, my
> machine locked up, ... wouldn't read the mouse or keyboard, P3T still ran,
> but nothing would make Windows respond, .... hell, ... all that good data
> down the drain, ... well I did find a way to save it, ... I unplugged my UPS
> from the wall socket, ... and after 20 minutes the UPS commanded my PC to
> close files and shutdown, ... lucky break, ... so all data now safely in
> archive.

+Ahem+...I can't resist it. Windows strikes again. <grin>

 73 ds Maggie K3XS

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