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New S Band Converter

Hi Alan,

Tested the 3000 on this mornings pass, .... 100 A Blocks! 230 Blocks Total

I don't know if the success this morning was the 3000, or if my realigments
of the rotator system yesterday, ... probably both.

Captured from MA 3 to MA16, apart from about 10 minutes of spin-breakup,
caught almost a hour of solid CRCC OK stuff. I've NEVER had an S-band
capture pass so good.

Forget my comments of yesterday about hiss, ... the 70cm IF is MUCH quieter
than the 2m IF, ... a pleasure to listen to.

The signal was solid all through the pass, and although I didn't get any
more CRCC good blocks after MA 16, I could hear the beacon and decode
non-CRCC OK blocks through to MA36.

I think the combination of the G3RUH design 60cm dish + Down East premap at
feed + UEK3000SAT is excellent, ....

... almost had a disaster though, just as I was about to save the data, my
machine locked up, ... wouldn't read the mouse or keyboard, P3T still ran,
but nothing would make Windows respond, .... hell, ... all that good data
down the drain, ... well I did find a way to save it, ... I unplugged my UPS
from the wall socket, ... and after 20 minutes the UPS commanded my PC to
close files and shutdown, ... lucky break, ... so all data now safely in


Paul, VP9MU
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