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Re: What antennas for 1.2G 2.4G

Hello this is Yoshi.

> What kind of preamp is required ?
> Which is the best 2.4G transverters ? How about Maki UTV-2400BIIP ?
> Which rig is most suitable ?  I have an old Kenwood TS-790 but it is
> difficult to operate. How about ICOM IC-910D ?
> Where can I buy these antennas and preamps and transverters ?

  Maybe you should ask this on the JAMSAT-bb (Japanese local).
I think that the MAKI electronics Corp. is not so popular SHF
supplier around the world, and Maybe most of this AMSAT-bb
members will not know well about the Japanese market for ham
SHF equipments Hi :-)

  I also have a plan to try AO-40 Mode-LS. There are a few SHF
supplier in Japan.

* KEN Electronics  - They offering special arranged S->V converter
                     that using the waterproof case as same as the
                     Dreake 2880. Some of JAMSAT members reported
                     that it is good.
* Millicom Corp    - They offering Drake 2880. And also they has
                     a Xtal-modified model with their own model
                     name. It will be the cheapest way.
* MAKI Electronics - Maybe the most famous SHF supplier in Japan.
                     If you not use U band for Uplink, maybe the
                     UTV1200B (IF 430MHz) will be good. but I do
                     not know that they will offer the models for
                     satellite band. Their normal models are for
                     terrestrial comms.

  IC-910D (Maybe the same of IC-910H. Model D is limited with the
Japanese legal limit 50W output) should be better. It will cover
all of the L band without any modification or adjustment. and 10W
output on L band will be enough. If we can use the Mode-LU or LV,
It can do.
  If we use TS-790 or IC-820 with L-band transverter, we can not
to try both Mode-LU and Mode-LV with the single system. the V->L
Transverter will not allow to use Mode-LV, and the U->L will not
allow Mode-LU.

  But if you will not use both U and V, your TS-790 with U->L
transverter will enough.

> Can I do SSB on these bands ?

  AO-40 will not allow FM voice signals Hi. Even if we have not
so stabilized LO, we wave to do CW or SSB.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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