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Hole in a pebble garden.

One of my relatives had a garden center where the land was all pebbles ( 
shingle ). He required a well to provide water for his plants. the water 
table was about 6 feet below ground level.

He got a number of concrete pipes 4 feet in diameter, placed the first one 
where he wanted the well, and dug out the pebbles. The concrete pipe slowly 
sank into the ensuing hole. another pipe was placed on top of the first, 
and the hole was continued to be dug. The weight of the concrete pipes 
continued to push the bottom pipe down. He eventually ended up with a well 
12 feet deep. Now you may not want to use 4 foot pipes, but 2 foot pipes 
would give you a hole 2 feet round and you could the just concrete in your 
ground post. You could probably use even thinner pipes, but you mat have 
problems actually digging out the inside... unless you are very thin :)

Maybe just a daft suggestion, but I know the system works

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