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Re: Right-sizing a sat

"John Stephensen, KD6OZH" wrote:

> Four AO-10s would fit in the SBS along with a mechanism to eject them, but
> each would require its own rocket engine, fuel tanks, batteries and
> electronics. 

And if I'm not mistaken a big part of the problem with AO-10 was a series of
collisions with the launch vehicle right after separation. Resulting in an orbit
that exposed the spacecraft to more radiation that it was designed to handle,
shortening the computer's expected 7 year life to three years. 

Imagine *four* Oscars banging around up there during separation. Along with the
SBS, the launch vehicle, STVR-1C and -1D and PAS-1R too. Four rocket engines to
worry about instead of one? 

Somehow this doesn't sound "simpler and less failure-prone" to me. 

Robert Oler wrote:

> how do you think waiting for another show case bird will effect the 
> amateur  satelite community?  The folks who are going to supply most of 
> the radios?

I hadn't noticed any shortage of radios down here. Or of people willing to show
up here post-launch and second-guess the part of the amateur satellite community
that has supplied much more than that. 

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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