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Re: Right-sizing a sat

Gary \"Joe\" Mayfield wrote:
> In reply to some of the snipped message Ariane 4 was a viable launch
> platform for AO-40 (It sure was discussed as one), we just happened to ride
> on Arianne 5, and we were NOT the biggest bird on the ride.
> Okay here goes.  History has shown those who expect to fail generally do.
> Let me explain (or ask my question as the case maybe).  What is the
> prevailing mind set of "we will never be able to do something like that
> again"?  This is like saying, well our first 386 computer wasn't a total
> success, so I gues we will be using 286s forever.  If anything I hope the
> next combined multinational AMSAT effort has more cool stuff, not less.  If
> I am sure of anything it is that technology has yet to peak.  I am all in
> favor of small sats, LEO sats, quick sats, and easy sats, but what is so bad
> about about people getting together and making a big effort to build, launch
> and operate a "show case" bird?  So we can't launch one every six weeks, big
> deal.  IF AO-40 is deemed a unsuccessfull (I'm still thinking positive and
> do not believe this will happen).  Let's learn our lessons, take our lumps
> and move onward and upward not backward and downward.
> My Opinion Alone,

Hooraw !!!!!!

Finally someone that thinks the way I do :^))

You hit the nail on the head Joe , if we always give up just because we failed
at something then heck , the moonshot and the shuttle would have been history ,
( ok so one of them is , but you get my point ) . 

Thanks for putting some perspective into this one-sided debate Joe , I too think
we need more sats the like of AO-40 , lets do it again and learn from where we
went wrong , we have a much better chance of putting something like it up
quicker then starting from scratch , and besides we have the sbs specs for the
arianne rocket so if I am not mistaken we can use that same spec' again , if we
get lucky enough to get another lift on another of their rockets .

It has my vote ( as meager in weight as it is :^} ) 

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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