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Re: AO-40 S-Band Test

Dave, et al:
        FWIW: Yes, others are listening!  I listened to AO40 this morning
also, from MA12 through MA22. Signals were quite good here also, only about
2500 miles northeast  of Dave. He looks at ocean, I look at a LOT of flat
real estate. Recorded .wav files and had better than average number of good
CRC's on the telemetry. 
        All homebrew 30" stressed dish .34 f/d, 5 turn helix (yeh, the
helix is too long for the dish. Ya use what ya got.), 2-stage GaAsFET in
Tupperware at the feed, converter in shack, G3RUH v.2 demod driving a 1993
Acer 486 :-)
        As soon as the rains stop (assuming they are not replaced by more
snow), I will be putting up 1) 55 el loop yagi and 2) barbeque grill dish
and feeding all 3 antennas into a switching relay to do some comparitive

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