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Re: Right-sizing a sat

Howard Long wrote:

> My point was that once you've taken the code, the incentive to go onto
> satellites to work some DX dwindles significantly - you can do that on the
> HF bands without a satellite now you have your HF privileges.
> I certainly don't think I'd be dabbling in satellites now if I'd taken my
> code test.

Well, I took mine and I'm still here. There's oodles of HF DX out there. Some of
my friends are working it to death. I do it sometimes myself.  But then I have
probably crossed the line out of "dabbling in satellites".

I would think very few people become satellite operators *just* because they
want to work DX, without caring *how* they do it. 

If that was the case they'd be in a chat room. Why use a satellite? Gee, why use
a radio at all? 

But it's true that it was more fun for me to copy an operator in Ireland (would
have *worked* him except the dabbler ahead of me couldn't get a call sign and a
grid square straight in five exchanges, and it was a LEO FM bird)  than a local
friend in the same gridsquare I'm in.

 73 de Maggie K3XS 

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