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Re: AO-40 S-Band Test

Hi Jess, I copied the telemetry this morning. My feeling was that it also
was a little weaker then normal. I started at an MA of 12( I started
late, k5oe reminded me of the AO-40 pass on AO-27!), and went to an MA of
29. I usually collect blocks till about an MA of 40. I usually see S-7
max, this morning I saw S-5 max. Maybe it was the cloud cover over the
east coast. I'm in FM29pe as you well know.

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001 11:23:30 est Jesse Morris <w4mvb@juno.com> writes:
> Good morning to all.
>  I would appreciate hearing from anyone who copied the beacon this
> morning concerning the strength of the signal.
> 73 de Jess - W4MVB
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