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Re: AO-40 S-Band Test

>Tried some more experiments with the S2 beacon on AO-40 today with mixed
>results.  Pass was not nearly as good as last Sunday.  I acquired the
>beacon late.  Elevation was about 8 degrees and the squint angel was
>around 30 degrees as indicated by IT and kep set #23.  The signal was
>right in the noise when I first heard it using the same setup as last
>Sunday.  I switched to the antenna with the conventional matching (vice
>the grounded link match in the W0OQC design) and could not hear the
>beacon at all.  After a couple of minutes the signal got a little
>stronger and I could hear it with the conventional antenna but the

Hello Jesse,
I acquired at 1409z here in San Diego at phase 6, about the same squint,
set #23.  I'm using a 30" dish with RHCP (quadrifilar feed), and the signals
were very strong.  My antenna "looks" at the ocean, and I picked it up on
the horizon, exactly the time predicted by IT.  Wobulation appears to be
diminishing ??, and I got a lot of telemetry.

Now I've had previous passes that were quite weak, with others reporting 
the same
passes to be strong, and I've changed nothing here.  I cannot change 
polarity from
the ground to compare, but I know of nothing at the bird that would cause it
to change....Signals too weak to copy tele after about phase 19...

I sure wish more of the "keyboarders" out there would also do some reporting on
what we have available..

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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