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Re: TS-2000 impressions?

David Reinhart wrote:
> I think I've seen a couple people mention here that they have the new
> Kenwood TS-2000.  I'm interested in your impressions of the rig and have
> a couple questions to ask.
>  >From the operating manual available on the Kenwood Web site it looks
> like the rig will do true frequency readout with a transverter but it
> does not have a true, low level (milliwatt range) transverter port and
> that it does not have provisions for powering a preamp or downconverter
> via the coax.  Am I reading the book right?
> The lowest power output on vhf/uhf is supposed to be five watts.  Has
> anybody measured to see how accurate this is?  The way I calculate it is
> that five watts on 144 MHz. through 50 feet of RG-58 (the run to the top
> of my tower) will be about 450 mw, almost low enough for some
> converters.

This is my interpretation of the manual as well , unfortunately , as with the
yaesu ft-847 , it seems that when the folks build these new whiz-bang radios ,
they forget to consult the ones who are going to buy them when it comes to
features :^P

Oh well , as far as working around the power output thing , I would think that
there is some alignment menu that would allow you to reduce the overall power
level and then you would just have to deal with it , or as in my case , just
build a power attenuator out of some 220ohm 2 watt carbon-comp resistors , five
watts isn't that hard to attenuate :)

Also check on the FT-847 bulletin board , as there have been a few posts there
recently of folks who picked up one of the ts-2000's I believe ....

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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