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Re: Right-sizing a sat [was: Antennas on the bird]

At 22:28 2001-01-13 -0600, Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:

 >Then why don't you start a project and assemble a team, raise the money, 
 >do the paper work, and build a AMSAT bird that will do what you and those 
 >you recruit wish it to do.
 >As a builder of an OSCAR I sympathize with the team that put in so much 
 >work on P3D who wanted a more capable spacecraft for the general welfare 
 >of the global amateur satellite community. I know the joys and the 
 >pains.  Why don't you join us and then you can help define the future of 
 >the art instead of just telling them what "they" should be doing.
 >I truly mean this as there is a total transformation in perspective that 
 >comes from this effort.  It is one thing to critize those who do the work. 
 >It is quite another thing to DO the work.
 >Dennis Wingo
 >SEDSAT-OSCAR 33 Project Founder

Well said Dennis.

   What I've said before was where were all of these people when we were 
building p3d...
I know that I didn't do a lot of work on it, but I did help out when I 
could. Sounds like if all these people would get their fingers off the 
keyboards and on the TOOLS  we would have all the sats up there that we 
would EVER be able to use. 

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