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Y2K Part2? Tracking Errors

Any one running Logsat V5.2.47 notice that Keps have not been updating for
the last two weeks. I have been noticing ISS AOS/LOS is off by more than 10
mins using the ANS keps and 5 mins using Keps from Celestrack. These same
keps loaded into STSplus concur with position given by Heavens Above. Both
my computers running Logsat show errors for both MIR and ISS yet it seems
the unmanned birds are plotted accurately. Just talked to a friend on the
radio and his Logsat is not accepting kep updates also. He is showing
conflicting positions on Predict compared to STS.

Has there been any kind of format change in reporting the manned keps that
would account for this, and what other tracking programs are affected? 

hmmmmm Y2k partII?

Allen Emer, N2YAC
Holmdel NJ

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