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Re: Right-sizing a sat [was: Antennas on the bird]

Hello Robert!

13 Jan 01 11:26, you wrote to All:

 RO> What it seems to me was the driver for AO-40 was lots of DX and with
 RO> not a lot of equipment.  Thats appliance operating.

My view of AO-40 was (besides trying out some new microwave bands) was lots of
DX without lots of antennas.  That's practical for some of us, where AO-10 and
the V/U bands aren't (try installing an AO-10 class station into a rented unit,
and not upsetting the landlord, of course ;) ).

And in my case, it's going to take a lot of homebrew to get L/S up and running.
If that's appliance operation, I'll eat my hat. :-)

As for what we could have, I think a mix of birds, including:

LEO pacsats and FM transponders - good for beginners
LEO linear birds (again, good for beginners, but more capacity and less
Molniya birds (maybe V/U and L/S/higher bands).

Phil's digital constellation idea.  I feel we must make the transition to
digital sometime soon, or get left behind when it comes to radio technology.
Not something hams should be contemplating.

Tony, VK3JED

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