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Re: Right-sizing a sat [was: Antennas on the bird]

 >I certianly was not avocating "not building".  Indeed I dont think that its 
 >possible to have ham sats without people building them (grin).  But the 
 >question is different from projects YOU decide to build to advance "your" 
 >state of the art and the projects the community deciedes to build to 
 >"enable" others to advance "their state of the art".
 >There is a binary solution set here.  We can build really super 
 >sophisticated big birds and have a pretty super sophisticated small group of 
 >people who can work magic wth technology OR we can build more less 
 >sophisticated satellites that encourage other people to develop their state 
 >of the art and there ability towork magic with technology.
 >To my mind developing the later group is more important then developing the 
 >former.  Indeed I would suggest to you thats what ham radio is all about.  I 
 >started in Oscar 6 (well heard Oscar V) as a child.  My soldering was 
 >clunky, the first helical antenna I built was a nightmare but my Elmer 
 >nudged ME along to build them even though he clearly could have done better 
 >had he simply let me HELP HIM build them.  He always made sure that he 
 >helped me.
 >I dont think that it advances Ham radio much if we build projects as a group 
 >that simply develop a corp of people who can build super satellites.  I 
 >think that if we have satellites that develop a corp of people who 
 >constantly experiment on the birds that helps ham radio and makes it 
 >different from theinternet.
 >My analogy would be this.  It doesnt do any good to have the most super 
 >sophisticaed repeater in the country if the people using it cant operate 
 >their super sohpisticated radios.
 >I am advocating smaller and more frequent birds.  Not stop building them.
 >Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX


Then why don't you start a project and assemble a team, raise the money, do the paper work, and build a AMSAT bird that will do what you and those you recruit wish it to do.

As a builder of an OSCAR I sympathize with the team that put in so much work on P3D who wanted a more capable spacecraft for the general welfare of the global amateur satellite community. I know the joys and the pains.  Why don't you join us and then you can help define the future of the art instead of just telling them what "they" should be doing.

I truly mean this as there is a total transformation in perspective that comes from this effort.  It is one thing to critize those who do the work. It is quite another thing to DO the work.

Dennis Wingo
SEDSAT-OSCAR 33 Project Founder

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