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Re: Looking at AO-40

In a message dated 1/13/01 5:08:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
avhessberg@foni.net writes:

<< I do not think it is possible to see AO/40 with the British Telescope on 
 Canary Isles, the aperture is to small to get an image of the bird. They
 have no adaptive optics too as far as I know????? >>
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one interested in doing this hair brained 
sort of 
thing with our telescopes.  I do have one question for you though. Have you 
looked for satellites or at least imaged them in a time exposure?  Reason I 
is that amateur level astronomical equipment can usually see many of the
birds right on out to and including the GEOes.  I've all too often had a good 
astrophoto screwed up by a LEO or while shooting in the neighborhood of the
GOEes find one or two short lines in an image tracing the path of these real
high flyers.  I've got a 5" an 8" and 10" SCT which are all equipped to do 
the various 
things I enjoy.  So, I have a feeling under proper conditions, someone will 
take a crack at it and if not see AO-40 outright, will more than likely find 
it's really
not so hard to image out bird, last seen nesting in the launch integration 
there in Kourou.
73, Steve
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