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Looking at AO-40

Hi Chris,
thanks for your mail.
Do you have the e-mail address of Manfred Fod?

I do not think it is possible to see AO/40 with the British Telescope on the
Canary Isles, the aperture is to small to get an image of the bird. They
have no adaptive optics too as far as I know?????

There will still be problems. The bird has to pas near the observatory in
the perigee, at night. The velocity will be hery high in this moment, both
azimuth and elevation will change very fast. It is a question, if the big
telescope can move so fast. An other possibility would be the 10m Keck
Telescope on Hawai. It has adaptive optics as well and is nearer to the
perigee. 14 th of January 2001 at 13.58 UTC AO-40 will have an elevation of
1° and a distance of about 2000 km  and it is night in Hawai. There is an
opportunity! But the resolution is about 1m or a bit less.
Do you know somebody working at the Keck Observatory??
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Hi Albrecht,

You did know that Manfred FOD works at the ESO Observatory in Chile?
Although he working in the computer division, he might be able to ask the
question for Amsat eh!

We also have another Amateur John G4STA working in the British Observatory
Canary Isles, John is an Electrical Engineer I believe that keeps the
Telescopes working.

Just a thought


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Imaging AO-40 by optical means is not impossible if you have access to the
8.2 m telescope of the ESO in Chile. With the adaptive mirror you have a
resolution of about 0.1 arcsec, that is 20 cm in a distance og 400 km. So
you can see bigger details of AO-40. But who has the opportunity of access
to this telescope?
DF9LC (Albrecht)

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