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APRStk update

I made some fixes and two small changes to APRStk:

1) It won't QSY to AO27 at night

2) It now has a single SATELLITE hot key to give you the complete
satellite picture and schedule with one key press.

This 2nd feature was added after I installed APRStk on an old 386
no-coprocessor PC at the local radio club.  It will just sit there
and always display the satellites and APRS to users in the shack.

But since the PC can always be in an unknown state bsaed on the last user,
I wanted an easy way to get back to the best satellite map scale, and to
also do the 2 hour graphical projection so that at a glance, anyone can
see what satelites are up, or coming up...

On a fast PC, this can be configured as an automatic update every few
seconds.  But on an old-n-slow PC, it is best not made automatic and then
it takes a few keystrokes...  By adding this HOT key, it now does
everything on demand...  There have always been 5 user programmable map
hot keys. But now I installed these defaults:  #3 is the new function.

1) Whole world so you can see where all the satellites are now
3) 2048 mile map around your QTH and also projects GRAPH of satellite
   passes in next 2 hours
5) USA sized map around you (1024 miles)
7) State sized map (128 mi) to see terrestrial APRS activity in range
9) County sized map (16) to see everyone you can hear direct/simplex


de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

Download APRStk exe:  ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/astk-exe.zip
APRS LIVE pages       http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/aprs.html
APRS SATELLITES       http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html
MIM/Mic-E/Mic-Lite    http://www.toad.net/~wclement/mim2.htm

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