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Re: Right-sizing a sat [was: Antennas on the bird]

Robert Oler wrote:

> I dont think that I advocated not building satellites.  I did say that our
> goal should not be to "push" the state of the satellite art...

Having "easysats" in LEO is a very good thing, and we do definately need them.
But how long will you hold people's interest with the best they can do being a
15 minute pass? 

Every step you take up from mode JA buys you more capability.  Bob's Mode V/I
paper shows one first step up from that, and that's a project that ought to be
pursued too...it's a kind of "Son of RS-12" in a way; I don't know if we're ever
likely to see another RS bird. That step buys you more than one channel at a

The step out of LEO buys you a longer pass...and costs you in the antenna
department, just like mode V/I cost you a new radio (if all you had was a VX-5
like I did when I started in satellite ops). 

If we're not pushing the art (and the art includes the spacecraft as well as the
Earth stations), we might as well be on CB. And if we want to hang on to our
bandwidth, we'd better be accomplishing more than stamp collecting. 

 73 de Maggie K3XS   

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