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Re: KR-5400A controller light bulbs

pellenzc@mail.upstate.edu wrote:
> does anyone know if the meter light bulbs in the KR-5400A  rotor controller
> are obtainable, or what the #s for them might be?  One was blown and I
> watched the other burn out the other day when testing out my rotors.  They
> are soldered in and seem to be an unusual animal...  they look sort of like
> this:
>           __________
> ---------(__________)---------
>    ^          ^          ^
>   wire       bulb       wire

Hey Chris , I think your best bet would be to go to Chicago Miniature Lamp web
site http://www.sli-lighting.com/cml/index.cfm , they seem to have every
possible lamp I have ever had to replace , and I seem to recall that they have
pictures and dimensions on the site too .....

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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