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RE: Antennas on the bird

>Imaging AO-40 by optical means is not impossible if you have access to the
>8.2 m telescope of the ESO in Chile. With the adaptive mirror you have a
>resolution of about 0.1 arcsec, that is 20 cm in a distance og 400 km. So
>you can see bigger details of AO-40. But who has the opportunity of access
>to this telescope?
>DF 9 LC (Albrecht)

I'd say a more important question is, can it swing fast enough to 
track an object moving as fast as AO-40 is at perigee?  Most 
astronomical tracking drives can't follow sats in LEO, and AO-40 is 
going a *lot* faster when it hits LEO-like altitudes.

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