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FOD Track Error 6 / Frost on Antennas


In FODtrack I am getting an "unexpected error 6" (It says contact the
author), but I don't have his email.

I am running the FOD Track parallel controller for the 5400 series Yaesu
rotator.  I am not using GPS or radio control from FOD track just rotor
control.  I am running WindowsMe operating system.  The program will give me
the error after completing a successful "Manual Track" once.  The computer
is set
to local time with the offset in the config file.

Has anyone else had this problem?

On an unrelated note.  Does anyone have any experience with frost (pogonip)
on antennas?  My 70cm antenna has quit working (high VSWR and almost no
receive) and I hope this is the cause.  It is fed with a Tee Match and the
elements are insulated from the boom.  My two meter antenna is working fine
(elements electrically connected to the boom).  We have almost a 1 cm
coating of frost on everything here now.

Thanks and 73,


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