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Re: Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?

Margaret Leber (K3XS) <maggie@voicenet.com> wrote:

>It's just that some environments are full of locked
>doors, painted over windows and velvet ropes intended
>to convince you that some unknowable Black Art is afoot...
>"No User Servicable Parts Inside..."
>Other environments invite you to come out and play...it's
>really empowering.

Well said!

I'm in the midst of one of those undocumented-proprietary-
information issues with a new toy I bought over Christmas.
It's one of the Intel Pocket PC cameras. Cute, takes decent
pictures, cheap - but I want to talk to it from Linux,
not from Windows 98.

When asked about protocol information, the Intel SupportDroids
have a canned answer: "We don't support Linux!" This isn't
the question I asked, but that's the only answer they are
programmed to give.

I spoke to one of their support managers this morning (who
also gave the canned non-answer, but at least acknowledged
the fact when I pointed it out). I find it ironic that a
company that made their fortune on open-architecture
systems would start hiding behind proprietary products.

I have, of course, run a USB sniffer on it. The output
is voluminous, but appears to be fairly straightforward...

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