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Re: Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?

"Margaret Leber (K3XS)" wrote:
> Douglas Cole wrote:
> >( just piping , stdin , stdout and redirecting , not writing software ) .....
> A point I was trying to make earlier on was that this kind of breadboarding *is*
> what writing software is, and this is why I say there's no inherent sharp
> dividing line between *using* software and *writing* software.
> Other environments invite you to come out and play...it's really empowering.
>  73 de Maggie K3XS
> --
much snipping ...

Yeah , I agree , very empowering :) , its one of the main reasons I decided to
take on and learn Linux ( I know, I am not really learing "linux" , I am
learning to use the tools in linux ) , was I saw its potential , though I am by
no means in the same league as you or phil , I realized that I could learn
-something- and use it as a tool to possibly cook up something that would work
for me in the ham shack ......

But as far as not being a programmer , I say that coming from the Linux news
groups where there is a certain level of snobbery that if all you do is string
together commands then you are just a "script kiddie" not a "programmer" ,
unless you actually know C and C++ insideout and have written your own compiler
, then you are not a "real" programmer ( read "real man" )  , so I think I have
got a long way to go before I am a "real" programmer ;^)

Besides I am not deluded , I realize where I am at in the scheme of things , I
still enjoy trying to figure out what the "wizards" are doing :)

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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