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Re: Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?

Douglas Cole wrote:

>( just piping , stdin , stdout and redirecting , not writing software ) .....

A point I was trying to make earlier on was that this kind of breadboarding *is*
what writing software is, and this is why I say there's no inherent sharp
dividing line between *using* software and *writing* software.

*Every* computer user is assembling and sequencing components produced by others
(and themselves too; stick a formula in a spreadsheet cell and you've built a
component). Even someone writing machine code directly to the bare hardware is
playing tinkertoy with the parts provided by the chip designer.

It's just that some environments are full of locked doors, painted over windows
and velvet ropes intended to convince you that some unknowable Black Art is
afoot..."No User Servicable Parts Inside..."

Other environments invite you to come out and play...it's really empowering.

 73 de Maggie K3XS
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