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Re: Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?

Phil Karn wrote:
> Naturally, I won't have to actually type all this every time I want
> to do it. I can just create a shell script with a simple name that does
> it for me.
> This ability to arbitrarily pipe separate programs into each other on
> the command line almost like tinker toys was one of the most
> distinguishing features of UNIX. It is still one of its most powerful
> and useful features. Sometimes it *does* make a difference which OS
> you choose.
> Phil

Man ! totally awsome :)
I understand what you did , and I understand piping and all the rest , it just
seems like whenever I try to do something like that I hardly ever get the
results that I really want , but the fun part is sometimes I do :) ( just piping
, stdin , stdout and redirecting , not writing software ) .....

Well , if you want it to be dummy proof , just let me know, I will be your "beta
tester" , and hopefully by then my little dish will be up so I can actually
capture some of the telemetry .........

too cool ..........

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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