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Re: Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?

>I could try all of them, but the useable part of
>each pass is short, and each pass has different 
>reception quality, so it would take several passes
>to do a meaningful comparision.

Try recording the pass, then playing the recording back into the
various demodulators. Then you can get a good, controlled comparison.

A well-designed demodulator program would be modular enough to let you
either read from a file or directly from the sound card. If you have
one that only wants to read from the sound card, then you'll have to
use an external recorder. Avoid analog tape recorders at all costs;
even small amounts of flutter and wow can wreak havoc with narrow
symbol timing recovery loops that would work fine on live signals. Use
a DAT deck, or use one computer as a digital tape recorder to feed
another one that's running the demodulator.


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