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Mitsubishi Press Release via Amsat-dl

I went to the Amsat-dl webpage this morning and found they have a link to a
press release from Mitsubishi about the cooperation between Mitsubishi and
AMSAT on AO-40.  Now I know this is probably OLD, OLD information to most,
but I had never read it before and it was fascinating.

Some very interesting comments struck me that I had not realized before:
The article states that the only space qualified components on the
spacecraft are in the propulsion system.  Isn't it ironic that the one part
that has been given the "S" qual status is what has caused problems.  It
also talks about how AO-40 is using some new magnetic bearings in the
momentum wheels for more accurate pointing.  I found that to be very
interesting too.  We (AMSAT) provide far more than just a bird for
ourselves.  I think that companies like Mitsubishi probably see our projects
as test pads for them to test out new technologies before they release them

Lastly, I am curious about a paragraph at the very end of the article:

> For the future, AMSAT is planning a project to orbit Mars in around 2005/2006
> as part of the ESA Mars project.
> The AMSAT project will be a repeater system enabling earth to communicate with
> the satellite in Martian orbit and the orbiting satellite to communicate to
> earth. The project will operate a 10GHz downlink based on technology from the
> current Phase 3-D project featuring 60~100W TWTA backed up by 50W solid state
> amplifiers.

I've not heard of this project before.  Is this something that is still
being planned on or with the delay in launching P3D was it shelved (the
press release is from 1998)?  Is this project still under consideration, in
design, etc?

The link to the article is:




Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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