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Re: Leaking out the nozzle

My apologies, you are correct.   In the post
burn attitude, with the satellite pointing its
thrust vector along the velocity vector at
perigee ( and thus against it at apogee), we
have been adding approximately the same
delta-V at perigee that we are subtracting
at apogee with the leak.  Unfortunately, as I
tried to point out in the previous message,
as a percentage of the velocities,  the overall
effect on the orbit is much larger when this
delta-V is applied at apogee since that is
the place it is moving with the least speed.

Thanks for the correction.

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> "MCGWIER ROBERT" writes:
> > At perigee, the loss of velocity due to the mass
> > loss is TINY as a percentage, compared to
> > the velocity loss as a percentage of the total
> > at apogee.
> Shouldn't that be "increase" at perigee and "loss" at apogee.
> I drew a graphic to demonstrate this. Its on the Amsat-UK website at:
> <http://www.uk.amsat.org/phase3d.htm>
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