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SmartTOOL electronic level for antenna pointing

This is the gadet that was written up in some back issue of the Journal:

I've looked through the back issues I have readily at hand and can't find the
article on using this thing to give accurate, real-time elevation readings.  If
anybody finds it, please let me know.  Are any of the Journal CD-ROMs available
yet?  Those would be the easiest way to find the information.

David Reinhart

Robert Oler wrote:

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 > >Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 19:06:56 -0500
 > >
 > >A few years back there was an article in the AMSAT Journal about using a
 > >device
 > >called a "smart level" for accurate pointing of antennas.  The widget is a
 > >hardware store device that gives a machine-readable output of angle.  I
 > >don't
 > >remember if it was analog or digital.  Now that we're faced with more
 > >accurate
 > >pointing requirements it looks like time to dig through the back issues.
 > >
 > >Dave Reinhart
 > >
 > If you find that let me know...I might start rumaging through my back
 > issues.  I've looked at both HOme Depot and Lowes for such a device and
 > while I can find one that "talks" I cant find one that has anything near a
 > PORT or something....the ones that have readouts are "high" (like in triple
 > digits)...but we can both look (grin).
 > I'm in the process of putting up the big dish to replace my 10 footer (well
 > actually its going to other things) and have looked at a variety of schemes
 > for pointing (right now its pretty manual).  The "happiest" and most
 > affordable scheme I have "playing" right now is a card with one degree
 > increments etched on it and a laser pointer read by a photo diode to
 > indicate 'degree' passage.  Pretty good so far.  Right now I am
 > experimenting with a second version of the card which has some "gross"
 > etchings for each quadraunt independent of the degrees.  Ages ago I use to
 > work part time on ACR-25 2 inch TV cart machines and thats how they got very
 > accurate readouts and the "cards" werent all that complicated.
 > But the talking level would be nice...
 > Robert Oler WB5MZO Houston TX
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