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Re: LCD display....

Chris, the LCD display has totally gone downhill now as far as brightness 
is concerned. Now when I move the brightness control to the high setting 
the LCD panel gets a little darker, and when I slide it back to the low 
setting it gets a little bit lighter. It might be the voltage regulator. 
It's a small VGA display, only 8.25" in diameter.

At 01:45 PM 1/10/01 -0500, "Chris Souris" <csouris@cescomputers.net> wrote:
>Hi Vince.....
>Reading your description of your laptop troubles, it seems to me that the
>display is ok...they either work or don't (dark spots), the brightness
>problem is probably due to a voltage regulator showing it's age.
>One clue is that the display gets dimmer when the computer heats up. As to
>where the reg. is and how to replace it, I'm not in the laptop PC repair
>Sorry I can't offer much more than this  :(
>Best of Luck to you es 73...
>                                                 -Chris N3HEV

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