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Re: Bravo to the command team!

Richard W L Limebear wrote:
> Here's one I haven't seen anything about: Omnidirectional antenna failures.
> 70cm probably never worked, nor did 23cm. 2m only worked for a while.
> My own (fairly ignorant) suspicions fall on mechanical resonance effects
> during the powered parts of the launch when, I believe, they were dangling
> below the spacecraft. So, just like a piece of wire repeatedly flexed, maybe
> they fractured in-flight; some came off completely and some were so weakened
> that later effects shook them off (did the 2m PA have swr protection ?).

Hmm , I was under the impression that the satellite went through a rigorous test
in a vibration chamber before going up ,  isn't this correct ? 
If so wouldn't we have seen something there ? , or maybe the test plus the
flight up into orbit weakened them enough that to paraphrase Richard they
finally said "I'm outa here"  :)
And then maybe the forces of the burn of the 400N motor finally did in the
2meter ant....

what say ?

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