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Best PC Soundcard Telemetry decoder?


Does anyone have an opinion on which of the various
PC soundcard-based AO-40 telemetry demodulators does the
best job with the fading, spin modulation, etc.
of the S-band downlink?

I could try all of them, but the useable part of
each pass is short, and each pass has different 
reception quality, so it would take several passes
to do a meaningful comparision.

So far I have tried the EVM-based demodulator (which
does not really have enough AFC capability to handle
the S-band downlink), and the AE4JY program (which seems
to demodulate quite well, but has a rather awkward data
monitoring and logging capability).

I have only a 14-turn helix for an antenna, so I need the
best demodulator I can get...



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