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APRStk.EXE Automatic Satellite Monitoring

Duh... Between Satellites, why leave the D7/D700 just sitting there?

So I revised APRStk so that you can enter default freqs for both
Bands A and B.  Now between passes,  the radio will QSY to 52 simplex,
446, and/or your local repeater... or APRS.   Now with the radio you wont
miss ANYthing going around you or overhead....

Also, now you can select any satelite on the map and hit T to TUNE to
it...  ALso, I think I caught the error-bug..

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob
Bob had written: Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 19:56:37 -0500 (EST)

I just posted a new copy of APRStk.

Run this with your D7 or D700 with just a 20" WHIP antenna over a ground
plane and SHORT coax and you will hear up to 12 different satellites over
30 times a day...     Look ma.. no hands!

The 20" whip is 1/4 wave on the uplink and is a 3/4 wave 7.9 dBi gain
UHF omni antenna on most downlinks.  It is the ideal simple Satellite
OMNI antenna.  With it, you should hear most of the 12 FM satellites when
they are above about 25 degrees..   This is only about 1/3rd of all access
times, but it is automatic and simple.  A nice way to leave the rig when
it is not doing something else.

AND this antenna can be at ANY level, since it only needs to see the sky
above say 20 degrees.  No need to go higher (and add lossy coax)...  On
the roof of your car is perfect, or just outside your window...

download:  ftp://tapr.org/aprssig/dosstuff/APRSdos/astk-exe.zip

The above file contains the APRStk.EXE and all support files.  Unzip it
into an existing APRSdos directory using PKUNZIP -dn or Winzip.  It is
just the new EXE and new support files, and must run in an existing
APRSdos structure.  Be SURE to read README\APRStk.txt in the readme's.

If you don't already run APRSdos, then download and install APRS848.zip
first from the same site.  


de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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