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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - Amateur 'scenarios' for Satellite Tool Kit (STK) from AGI

Hi, all.

Is anyone using Satellite Tool Kit (STK) from AGI ( http://www.stk.com
<http://www.stk.com>  ) to analyse satellite links and motion?
Does anyone have any STK scenario files that I can use for Amateur
satellites? (e.g. AO-40)
I'd rather not re-invent the more advanced parameters for using STK with
Amateur satellites. 

I have recently dusted off a CD-ROM copy of a very recently distributed
version (STK v4.1.1), obtained from a friend in the space industry, and got
it going. I even registered myself with STK ! I see on their site that v4.2
is now offered. Please NOTE: CD-ROMs are only distributed to aerospace
organisations, but you can download it (see http://www.stk.com
<http://www.stk.com>  Resources - Downloads ) Beware... it's potentially a
BIG download...

Thanks in anticipation for any scenario files,

Australian Capital Territory
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