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Re: Preferred Phase 3 Orbits

>  "MCGWIER ROBERT" writes:
>>  There will be times of the year in this
>>  orbit when it will be impossible to keep the antennas
>>  biased towards the earth while keeping unfurled
>>  solar panels at the sun.
>I was reliably informed that the above would also have been the case had we
>made it to the "final" orbit. Probably more so now though.

Well, low perigee has some definite risks attached.  The high 
velocity at and near perigee that near the atmosphere (and near LEO 
as well) is definitely a factor.

Also, because we're still pretty close to GTO, there might be some 
orbit crossing debris (like booster upper stages and spent PAM's) to 
watch out for.  The final orbit was supposed to be a lot more in the 

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