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Re: Bravo to the command team!

 Phil Karn writes:

> We've had several
> serious unexplained events since the first firing of the kick motor.
> Several pieces of hardware haven't worked since the 2m beacon suddenly
> went off the air for reasons unknown on December 13 "while work on the
> 400N propulsion system was in progress".

As others have already said, I've been very impressed by the depth of
knowledge that has come out on lots of AO-40 related subjects.

Here's one I haven't seen anything about: Omnidirectional antenna failures.
70cm probably never worked, nor did 23cm. 2m only worked for a while.

My own (fairly ignorant) suspicions fall on mechanical resonance effects 
during the powered parts of the launch when, I believe, they were dangling
below the spacecraft. So, just like a piece of wire repeatedly flexed, maybe 
they fractured in-flight; some came off completely and some were so weakened 
that later effects shook them off (did the 2m PA have swr protection ?).

I'd be interested if the resident experts could postulate their ideas of 
different possible failure modes for these. I'm interested; I'm sure others
would be too.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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