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Re: Bravo to the command team!


> > > Furthermore, finding a good fit for the thrust gives an
> > > excellent estimate of the rate at which the propellant mass is being
> lost.
> >
> > So how much longer will it continue (till depletion) ?
> Good question.  The answer depends, of course, on the reason for the leak.
> This one is best left to the Command Stations to answer.

I misunderstood the original statement to mean that the "good fit" had been

> > OTOH (assuming its only one of the two fuel components) once its all gone
> > then we can "fire" the motor to get rid of the other component. Then the
> > arcjet will have a better effect (if it works) with less mass to shove
> around.
> Perhaps, but we'll never get much Isp with only one component of the
> bi-propellant.

I wasn't expecting that (but every little helps as long as its pointed in
the right direction)

BUT ... getting rid of this surplus fuel means that the arcjet will be able
to accelerate (useful stuff) *more* than (useful stuff)+(useless stuff).

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