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RE: APRStk Automatic Satellite Monitoring

On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Schaik, A. van wrote about APRStk:

> > * QSY and doppler track AO27 and UO14 so you can hear QSO's
> > * QSY and doppler track UO22,KO23,KO25,TO31 PACSATS and capture
> >   the PBlist, TELEMETRY and any other UI packets (No BBS traffic)
> > * QSY and Doppler track SUNSAT and work other stations via SUNSAT
> > * QSY to the ISS downlink & work other UI stations if PACKET is on

> I setup the d700 like discribed in the doc (databand B and both bands in vfo
> mode tnc in pkt mode). When I select the sats I want to track in the
> P-list it only tracks the downlink and not the uplink and whats worse it
> transmits on the [downlink].

It should QSY both uplinkn and downlink.  THe downlink will go through 5
QSY's per pass, but the uplink will only go through 0, 1 , or 2 since the
maximum Doppler is only +/- 3 Khz, so you may see 0 tuning on the uplink
if it is a low pass where the doppler begins only at -2 and ends at +2.

The radio can only tune in 5 KHz steps... It should not XMIT on the
downlink either.  THe Mic will XMT on what ever is the PTT band as set by
the front panel.  THe data band XMT band is set by the Satellte MODE.

It works fine here.. but I worked all night on a new version that then has
a DEFAULT for BAND A and band B between passes.  This way, you can make it
go monitor your favorite SIMPLEX channel or repeater between passes.. or
APRS (but that clutters up your map)...

I will post it later today/night...


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