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Re: Leaking out the nozzle

>From: "Joseph B. Fitzgerald" <jfitzgerald@alum.WPI.EDU>
>> Keith wrote:
>>We have a lot more apogee altitude to spare than perigee...
>No doubt!  I just wanted to confirm my suspicions , expecially after
>watching a nice little film on the NASA channel last night,  a kind of 
>Orbital Mechanics 101 ... I wish I had taped it.
>I am also curious about what effect an in plane thrust normal to the 
>velocity vector has on the orbit ... like we are apparently seeing at MA 
>30 for example.

I'm no orbital mechanics expert, but I recall in the original orbit
maneuvering plans that they were to achieve the high apogee and use its
energy in some manner to obtain the necessary inclination...help, Ken? 


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