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RE: APRStk Automatic Satellite Monitoring

> Van: John Zaruba Jr [mailto:jzaruba@snip.net]
> Hi Andre,
> on 1/10/2001 4:00 AM, Schaik, A. van at avanschaik@hsl1.nl wrote:
> > When I select the sats I want to track in the P-list it 
> only tracks the
> > downlink and not the uplink and whats worse it transmits on 
> the uplink.
> This sounds about right. Although I don't run APRSDos, I do play with
> satellites, a lot. The nature of the data interface to the 
> D700 precludes
> uplink doppler correction, and it is not strictly necessary for APRS
> operation. Most of the pacsats have fairly large passbands on their
> receivers so while there is some loss of efficiency, UI 
> frames still get
> through.

On 2m I think that is correct altough it would be nice if it at least put
the center freq in the tx vfo at the start of the pass but on 70cm I'm not
sure if it still is wide enough
> Transmitting on the uplink is CORRECT, the ground station 
> transmits on the
> uplink, and receives on the downlink.

Yes your right ofcourse :) I intended to type downlink but my mind got lost
somewhere and I typed uplink, sri for the confusion.
> Hope this helps,
> 73 de John AA2BN
I think I'm going back to the britisch made satcontrol, its not as flexible
but it does do tuning for both bands to bad it only works for 2 sats at the
moment (uo-14 and so-35) and uses the buildin aprs firmware of the d700 to
bad you have to manualy activate the beacon for use with so-35.

Now that I think of it that manual activation was the reason I stopt using
that one.
Damn I think I have to pickup my programing skills and write my own program
for linux.:)

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup Netherlands

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