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Re: GFSC AO-40 telemetry server

The telemetry server is an application that is running on a Linux
machine at the GSFC Radio Club (garc9.gsfc.nasa.gov). 
It works as follows:

The server listens on UDP port 2121 for packets containing the
8 byte P3T sync vector + the 514 byte AO-40 telemetry block.
Since UDP is connectionless the server could be receiving packets
from multiple stations at the same time. These packets are generated
by running a UDP converter application (available from me) in conjunction
with P3T, psk400, or IZ8BLY's P3D Decoder running in server mode.

To avoid having clients receive duplicate frames, the server keeps
a hash table that it can use to identify duplicates and discard them.
It also checks for a valid P3T sync vector and CRC. 

The server also listens on TCP port 1024 for connections from P3T
running in client mode. Each time a frame is received, validated, and
dupe checked, it is sent out to all of the client connections (I have
the max connections set to 200 at the moment).

I need to add logging as a first enhancement.

Ron wa4sir 

At 06:53 AM 01/10/2001 EST, T5z4@aol.com wrote: 
>Just wonder if someone in the know could share with us a brief technical 
>of the AO-40 telemetry server now setup at Goddard.  Thanks

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