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Re: "Precision" Antenna Pointing

What software are you using?

de Bill, N4DH

At 19:35 1/9/01 -0500, jeff w griffin wrote:

>On Tue, 09 Jan 2001 16:05:02 -0500 Bill Hurlock <bill@hurlock.net>
> > All discussions concerning beam pointing don't really seem to be that
> > important in that most of the antennas we are using fall well
> > outside the 1 to 3 degree beam width areas. The rotors are not that
> > either. The Bar-B-Q antenna from Myers I use is only in the 13 to 14
> > range. I can rock the AZ EL a fair amount before I loose signal on AO40
>S beacon.
>  Hmm, I quickly as possible rock the switch on my G5400b and I get a very
>noticeable drop in signal a couple of s units on my 847, with Mayer
>grill. If I rock it back up signal comes right back up. I bought my Mayer
>at a hamfest,without any paperwork, so I'm not really up on it's
>beamwidth, gain etc.
>   Another thing I'm noticing while collecting S band telemetry from AO-40
>is that one day I can let my auto tracking system do the antenna pointing
>for me, Next day it is off by about 8/10 degrees! Same program, keps,
>computer, time wwv corrected before pass. This I don't understand. It's
>like the orbit is predicted better one day, then the next, or in a
>different part of the pass. This  happen's  about  1/2 the time I have to
>manual track the bird. Of course I'm tuning the frequency by hand. I
>could also do that automatically on 2m, but not s band.
>    When I mentioned Antenna system, I mean Antennas, rotor,  tracking
>computer,  and software. The whole system.
>73 Jeff kb2wqm
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