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Re: Propellant fluid dynamics at zero-g

> This whole thread reminds me of a science fiction story I read a long
> time ago, called "The Cold Equations."  It was about a pilot of a ship
> that ferried cargo from orbit to a colony on the planet below.  These
> transport ships carried only enough fuel to decelerate the mass of the
> ship, pilot and allocated cargo.  On one of his trips to the surface,
> the pilot discovers an unexpected passenger--the kid sister of a
> colonist who decided that she couldn't wait until her scheduled
> transport to see her brother, and stowed away on the cargo ship.  Her
> extra mass means that he doesn't have enough fuel to land without
> crashing, nor can he abort his descent.
> Does anyone remember who wrote this story?

From: http://www.tiac.net/users/cri/coldeq.html

	The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin was first published in the August 1954
	issue of Astounding Science Fiction, pp 62-84, and was illustrated
	by Kelly Freas. It is both popular and controversial; it is one of
	the most frequently reprinted stories in SF. 

This story has shown up in some collections, and was also made into
an Outer Limits (I think) episode.  It's a great story.


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