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Re: Propellant fluid dynamics at zero-g

> Of course as propellants are consumed, the mass ratio changes, the accelleration
> increases and the vector sum changes.
> Ghod, I'm glad I read Heinlein novels as a child, this part almost makes
> sense...:-)   
>  73 de Maggie K3XS

This whole thread reminds me of a science fiction story I read a long
time ago, called "The Cold Equations."  It was about a pilot of a ship
that ferried cargo from orbit to a colony on the planet below.  These
transport ships carried only enough fuel to decelerate the mass of the
ship, pilot and allocated cargo.  On one of his trips to the surface,
the pilot discovers an unexpected passenger--the kid sister of a
colonist who decided that she couldn't wait until her scheduled
transport to see her brother, and stowed away on the cargo ship.  Her
extra mass means that he doesn't have enough fuel to land without
crashing, nor can he abort his descent.

Does anyone remember who wrote this story?

--Peter, KD7MW
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