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RE: survey results

> This is not a scientific sampling.  A veteran pollster would 
> say that my questions were worded in a way to encourage "yes" 
> (bragging) responses and possibly to discourage "no" 

That was my impression, but going by the topics raised and the input of
various people over a long period of time, there's certainly a fair degree
of expertise in both areas on the list.

For the record, I am not an RF designer (more a case of missed opportunity
than anything else), but have written software on and off over the years,
usually little DOS utilities (but a Morse practice program for DOS and CP/M,
which I put in the public domain many years ago was among them).  It's been
a few years since I've written anything (around 1998), the last of
significance being a bit of "glueware" to allow me to migrate the mail
system at home from OS/2 to Windows NT.

The move away from DOS and time constraints make it unlikely I'll get to
write much more software, as that would require learning a new OS from a
programming POV (Windows or Linux would be at the top of my list).
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