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Re: Propellant fluid dynamics at zero-g

Jon Ogden wrote:

> > As soon as the motor runs, the sat is accelerated and the fuel
> > will slosh to the 'bottom' of the tank, which is 90 degree apart
> > from the nozzle used while ignition.
> Wouldn't the fuel in a spinning spacecraft be pushed to the side walls of
> the fuel tank due to centrifugal forces?  In effect, the spinning motion
> creates an artificial gravity.  Correct?

I would imagine that local "down" (which I why I put "bottom" in quotes the
first time I used it) is the resultant of a vector sum of the acceleration due
to thrust and the centrifugal force from spin. I wonder if the design of the
tanks offsets the location of the feed port to prevent unporting the tank under
Presumambly the ammonia tank port would be offset by less (because of less
thrust) and in a different direction (because the ATOS is on the other side of
the spaceraft). 

Of course as propellants are consumed, the mass ratio changes, the accelleration
increases and the vector sum changes.

Ghod, I'm glad I read Heinlein novels as a child, this part almost makes

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